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"California Beach Feet is without-a-doubt the greatest foot website to ever exist! So many absolutely gorgeous everyday women just approached right off the street to show their sexy feet. Not only that but it's the only foot site I've ever seen that has consistently stuck to an extremely aggressive update schedule with new content every single day. Of all foot sites, it's definitely the best one to keep up a constant subscription to as you're always getting your money's worth."


"Your stuff is the greatest of all time, and whoever's in 2nd place is so far off that it doesn't even matter. Seriously, you're Michael Jordan in a world full of Bill Wenningtons. Please never leave."


"Your site truly is the best on the net. Tried them all and sadly 90% are disappointing. CBF however has always far exceeded my expectations. I could spend a week on your site and still not go through all the material. It's nice to have someone do such a superior job and make up for all the money lost from trying other web sites. I've been a member for years, and it's the only site that I have never canceled my subscription because it's just that good. If anyone wants to subscribe to one pay site for life this should be the one because it is even better than the previews show. Worth every penny. I still find models in the archives that I missed at some point even after all these years. Just my 2 cents on the site. Thanks for the years of good business."


"Hi, just wanted to say that your work is literally the best foot content on the Internet!! Jaw dropping stuff!! I've been downloading since late 1996, and yours is the best I've seen. Keep up the excellent work,"


"Just subscribed to your site. It's really refreshing to see such great photography. And the resolution... just wow. You could produce a footprint profile from some of those up close sole shots." Sincerely,


"I just became a member for californiabeachfeet. I am very impressed. The amount of videos is crazy!!!! I've been downloading for hours beautiful feet everywhere. Thanks for videos great work keep it up!!!!!"


"Truly epic stuff and the best representation of California feet on the net! No other site even comes close. Keep up the great work."

Tyler D

"The stuff you bring up still has no equal in terms of sheer picture quality, truly impressive!"


"You're an inspiration to us all! Great work! Thanks,"


"CONGRATS on 10 years!!! (It's been that long? I remember the 1st like it was yesterday. But, wow, it was revolutionary stuff then, and still top-of-the-line today."


"You certainly have the best possible site for foot lovers. No other site really offers HD quality! Your site truly is outstanding."


"I never realized what a difference high-def could make, but it takes the photos/vids to a whole new level. It's like actually being there on the beach!
Definitely the best footsite I have come across."

"Love the (3D) videos. This one video with the blonde with long toes and toe ring is coming right out at me like a gem. Wow. Very nice."


"Besides all the feet, of course, I just love to see the expressions on the girls faces. They all seen so amused to be having their feet photographed in that way. Awesome site."


"I've seen tons of great foot sites, but they all pale in comparison to the level of detail in yours. It's so close, and SUPER crisp. Must be expensive whatever you're using!
Keep up the good work!"


"Woah!!! Woah!! Woah!!! Truly Amazing site for soles lover like me :D I'm a happy camper. Please more sole please lol. Thank you for the amazing work that you have done , i feel like i'm walking to the beach every morning when i pop up the site :D"


"OMG OMG OMG YOu are such a god. I am so in love with her feet (Tori Black). MAN YOU NAILED IT. Thanks so much, I can't tell you how awesome it to have a foot man dedicated as yourself to bring us this gold."

Dave T.

"Hello, your page is incredible!!!!!!!!! I am fan of pulling off boots and shoes. My favourites are the boots when they were worn barefoot. uggs, cowboyboots, rainboots, etc. Thank you very very much! Regards,"


"I'm not one for direct advertising and plugs, but I have to say that after 15 years of paying for a vast amount of foot website memberships, California Beach is likely one of the very best. I have been with them for the last 5 years now and slowly all my other memberships ( I used to pay $400 per month once) are dying out. All you need."


"Best pay site on the net."


"You're just killing this mf-er, man - the honey's, the vibe, the look, the soles in your face - it's just unreal how you're getting this done and... I have to admit to extreme jealousy! I wish I could do that kinda stuff here in the Deep South. There's a scene in Amadeus where the Italian composer Antonio Salieri gazes at the scope and depth of Mozart's compositions and comes to the realization that his own best sh*% is worthless by comparison - he's up against somebody on whole 'nother level, maybe two levels. Wonderment and jealousy are the emotions he displays. Yeah. Yeah! That's it. That's how I feel every time I click onto CBF. I hope you understand..."


I hate you. Oh, your work is absolutely incredible and I love it and enjoy it. But you would have to go get a 4K camera. I normally join, download a bunch and enjoy and then check back and then re-join after several months. Only now that you have that f@c%'in 4K camera I'll have to rejoin a lot sooner than I wanted to so I don't miss out!!!

Doug H

"In all honesty this has got to be the best stuff on the net. The sheer quality of your stuff is unlike anything I've seen, and you've never toned down the excellence which you've gotten us used to over the years. In my book, that makes you our most valuable contributor. Kudos"


"GOLD MEDAL for your work sir!!! You didn't realize you were an Olympian, did you? Great sole shot's! Thanks!!!"


"I still can't get over your detail capability. Those sole ridges look like canyons, the nails like glaciers! You can see every single feature of their soles in microscopic detail.
Your camera is insane!"


"Oh my god! The new 3D stereoscopic videos are simply stunning! It's like being a few inches from real feet, also there is a feeling you can touch them and feel the scent of those sexy soles! Looks truly realistic, incredible depth of the field and resolution. On some close-ups, the girl's feet pop out of the screen. Californiabeachfeet is at the edge of the progress again- keep up your precious work and I'll be anxious for your new vids!"

Dennis- Moscow

"Just wanted to say I think your website sets the technical standard for foot photography and videography on the Internet today... kudos. Your high resolution photos, and especially videos, are more realistic than anything else I've come across, and we could all only be so lucky if the rest of the industry caught up with the technical quality of your work. Thanks, and keep it up."


"Hello, I just want to say thank you, thank you for the pictures. I could not appreciate the idea of high definition as your site claimed, and then I clicked to enlarge a picture. They are startling in their clarity. I can not describe the feeling when I saw details that I had never seen before. Well done. Thank you,"

Bonnme Marr

"Just checked out your site...and I must say that ever since my teen years it's rare that I'm tempted to subscribe to a pay site... Yours is an exception!
I'm fascinated! Good work bro!"

"Hey Man, just wanted to say your work is fantastic, now my number 1."


"Awesome the spontaneous reactions of the models..... tons of videos and pictures......tons folks!"


"Great site! Love the fact that you get to see so many different sizes from all over the world."


"I love all these high def feet. I've been a memeber of cbf for a while now :) thanks for all your work."


"Hi, webmaster, Just wanted to say that the videoclips of Claudia from Sweden are fantastic! Yours are much better than the clips on (one of those other sites), Thanks very much! Greetings,"

Bo B - Denmark

"I must say you have the best site out there. You do a fantastic job getting all this footage. The high definition is a dream come true, keep it up. Thanks again,"


"Hello, Iíve been watching the site for a long time. I have been a member a few times too. I just want to say that you have the best feet pictures on the web, not only for the quality equipment you use but for the extremely good taste in feet you have. Regards,"


"I have been a fan of California beach feet for over 6 years and I never been disappointed. Love the image quality & seeing the everyday women having a great time posing for us.Truly priceless."


"This site improves every year.
I have joined one month a year since 2006.
Even then this site was a cut above.
Amazing work thank you."


"Year to year, CBFeet is better!! Duos and trios of girls, excellent! Thanks,"


"Best close-ups on the net brother! Absolutely amazing! Best,"


"Hello! I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for doing what you do! You have an interesting web page with tons of cool pics. It seems that the girls have lots of fun showing off their feet and your pics and videos really capture this emotion. Truly magnificient!"


"You're da best! I've followed your great work for a long time and it's only gotten better and better. My hat's off to you!"


"Every battle is won before it is ever fought, and there is nothing like momentum. You've piled up a lot of victories in your years out there."

Elvzz (webmaster @ Sexylongtoes)

"Your stuff is truly unparalleled. Million thanks for these high res photos of all the pretty girls and their feet."


"I'm stunned, speechless even. I'm afraid that "WOW!!!" will have to cover it."


"I've been a member at various times through the last number of years and it's my all time favourite site.. I love the photography, the women he photographs, and it's consistently gotten better over the years."

"CBF is awesome. The site owner is one of the few foot guys who hits a home run on nearly all things feet. Nice close up views of the feet (so close you can see the pores on their skin), fresh of off their shoes. I can't tell you how many vids I've come across that fail in that regard. Vids/pics in HD resolution so high that the vids nearly brought my single core Athlon to its knees. Overall, this site is amazing. 9/10."


"Hi, My membership has run out. Can't believe its been a month already. Just wanted to thank you for the great site as I have enjoyed it so much.
All the best."

"First off, I need to *drool* over your website for a bit. The HD video & HQ pics are stunning. The quality is the best of ANY site I've ever seen; the competition isn't even close. Thanks,"


"Hey! OMG the site is awesome! So epic!!! The best part is the freakin HD! No wait, the best part is the interview clips! No wait...haha I guess I'm saying you've got a great site."


"I love your site, thanks so much for all the hard work!"


"Hi, I gotta say you have the highest quality foot videos on the web. I have seen many foot sites but none like this. I really admire your work, it is excellent. Thanks,"


"Great work! All of the girls in your pictures are beautiful with nice feet. You rock!!!"


"I was a member of your site a few times. Really impressive what you are doing. Updates every day with many pics, nice girls and really interesting locations. Greetings,"

Holger- (webmaster @ allyoucanfeet)

"The pictures you take are simply awesome! Such exquisite taste! Thank you."


"Hey there, Just a wonderful site by the way! I think this is at least my seventh membership in a row; LOVE THE SITE!!!! Probably, one of the best female feet sites I've had a membership to over the past 10 years or so, and I've tried quite a few. Anyways, thanks, and keep up the AWESOME work!"


"California Beach Feet is my favorite site on the web today. The quality of the video is amazing and the pictures are huge so you can see all the details of the feet. They also have this massive archive that doesn't have any kind of rotation BS. Definitely worth the $25 a month."


"Hey guys, what more can I say than I am absolutely blown away!! I have seen some of your work on Wu's Feet Links, and knew I had to check out your site. Your shots are so close, you can count the baby hairs on their toes! Shots so crystal clear, you can see the socks and shoe marks on the feet and ankles, fresh out of sneakers!! Enough pictures to look at for weeks :) If their was only a way to kiss every one of them :)"


"I am so impressed with the quality from this site, I may use a magic marker for adding more stars. Iíve seen high quality, and Iíve seen exceptionally high quality, this bypasses those even.

After logging in, I was happy to see they continued with their means of presentation as found on the outside. Itís one of those less is more situations and it works beautifully. Theyíve mastered the, a picture is worth a thousand words, and their choice of graphics with the bold, deep, black background actually says volumes. Itís simple enough to find what youíre looking for, and thatís it......... no muss, no fuss. They saved all of their sweat breaking efforts for the massive amount of material offered.

I was stunned when venturing into the video section, as you will be when you look at the technical numbers. Donít bother rubbing your eyes or thinking youíre imagining things, itís the real deal, and Iíve never seen such quality from any other site Iíve reviewed.

My shock and awe hadnít resolved itself from viewing the video clips before I traveled into the image archives. Again, the quality is outstanding, the clarity is unbelievable. Normally I try to be a bit impartial, even though when itís good I say so and the same when itís not so good, but I canít hold back the excitement over what they are offering here, itís outstanding! My 21Ē monitor didnít even begin to contain the expansion of their enlargements, and the crispness of the shots left me wanting to reach through my screen and shake someoneís hand! They also offer ZIPs, as well as straight viewing from the site, bringing in up to a whopping 7000 pixels!

California Beach Feet†has mastered so many different elements in their endeavor.†They have managed to rein in so many different genre and yet kept the focus on the feet. That is one of the best parts about this site, you see things you werenít really looking for, but will appreciate immensely. The long, shapely legs, the tanned tones of their soft skin, and of course the expression on the girls' faces that tell you theyíre having a great time posing."

Missy- professional reviewer

† "No other foot site on the net has anywhere near the sheer overwhelming volume of amazing models as Californiabeachfeet. Not only that, but also hands down the highest quality photos and videos that are so unbelievably realistic that they're in a class all their own. And it's updated almost everyday, Incredible! No other site on the net compares. How can other feet sites even exist? Most other sites hide nothing but low quality crap inside, or only update once a week at best, as if they're only doing it for the money. Californiabeachfeet is a true foot lovers delight. These guys are obviously passionate about what counts. I love how you can clearly see all the years of updates and thousands of models in the massive archive. There are no hidden disappointments inside. In fact I was blown away that such a an incredible feat was possible. CBF deserves a Guinness World record!"
Thomas Blanding

"Dude you are f@c%ing awesome!"


"This is probably the best source out there for candid, amateur foot photography. California is known for having a superior class of woman, and that reputation, too, seems to hold true, at least when it comes to the beaches of Southern California. Keeping in mind that these photos and videos are truly 100% amateur, it's stunning the caliber of women he seems to reel in day in and day out. Even the ones in the background, more often than not, are real lookers. What's more, the diverse mixture of the areas he frequents provides for an extremely versatile model selection. In addition to beach bunnies and bikini models you might have expected, there's more than enough emo, goth, and hipster chicks to keeps fan of alternative models happy. The fact that these girls are amateur only heightens the thrill.

If you're reading this, you probably have, at least once in your life, watched a woman walking down the street, secretly wondered what her tootsies look like. Unfortunately, not all of us have the balls to just go up and ask, but Mr. Neighbor does, and we get to enjoy just the same.

Since this site has built its reputation on providing some of hottest, highest quality foot pictures on the net, I decided to save the photo galleries for last. Although the site got its start in 2004, they didn't start adding videos until May of 2006. In an effort to make up for lost time, however, over 240 videos were added that first year, and they've been going strong ever since. One new 3-5 minute scene is added each day, and as of 2011, they're also all available in 3D. With all the "in-your-face" sole shots and toe-pointing happening 'round these parts, 3D is a natural fit. Each episode can be downloaded in three separate, band-width friendly files. The 1080p HD files looks killer, sporting a massive resolution and gorgeous play-back quality. Surprisingly, I didn't find video quality diminishing that much once I'd gone further back into the archive. Even the earliest HD files play at over 6000k.

I went into the photography section of the site with a great deal of excitement. Even so, after hearing nothing but great things about this site, a part of me felt it could only be a letdown. It wasn't. Truth be told, the work on display here exponentially exceeded my highest expectations. This is, without a doubt, some of the best amateur photography I've seen. The majority of the earlier pictures were big enough to fill the average monitor twice over, and the latest photos are served up in a mammoth 7000 pixels. The level of detail is absolutely mouth-watering. What's more, the galleries seem to have only gotten better and better over time. If you're looking for low-res pictures, you've cleary come to the wrong place, my friend.

California Beach Feet is a genuine must have for any serious foot enthusiast. If you consider yourself a purist, then you'll feel right at home amongst all the tremendous content on display here. Mr. Neighbor has a real eye for feet, and seems to have an uncanny knack for getting the kinds of shots real foot men want to see; it doesn't matter if you're into high arches, wrinkly soles, or toe-pointing. And it's all presented in crystal clear, Uber-high-resolution glory."

McFly - professional reviewer

You can't beat that with a baseball bat!

Those Toes

On Sep 15, 2009 at 10:43 AM, Joe H wrote:

"Hi. Let me just tell you how great your site is. The girls are so beautiful and the pictures are amazing. After seeing what you have to offer, I really want to join the site. My problem is that I can't really use a credit card, mainly because my wife would kill me. Isn't there another way that I could join? I'm going crazy waiting to join your site. Really. I hope you can help. Thanks."

On Sep 15, 2009 10:59AM, replied:    "Hi Joe, no problem, Paypal is accepted."

On Sep 15, 2009, at 12:17 PM, Joe H wrote:    "Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Your site is everything I knew it would be."

Joe H

"Question: Am I the only one in awe of you? I guess people don't realize how "not easy" this is.....oh, well. Class, This is the kind of quality photo-shoot that sets this m.f. apart from the rest! On-the-street. At the beach. Toes to die for. Just turned eight-friggin'-teen. Are you kidding me?! P-I-M-P-ology, man. Pimp-ology. Some heroic sh*t here, bruh."


"I just can't get enough of Californiabeachfeet material! Awesome concept......Amazing results! Thanks dude,"


"Your stuff is beyond comparison. Thanks."


"You've ruined my life!!! why do you have to take such awesome pics of hot girls."


"Feet to die for!!! no more words, all I can say is WOW!!!"


"Holy shit you hit up the land down under as well? You're world famous!"


"Ultra Hi-Def !!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!! Superb"


"I think this is one of the hottest things I have ever seen, young beautiful girls who seem very intelligent and conservative for the most part taking off their shoes in public and posing their bare soles in front of huge crowds of onlookers. I would love to get ambushed while I'm out with my girlfiriend and her friends while they are asked if they want to take off their shoes and expose their bare soles for the camera. I truly admire California Beach Feet for approaching these awesome girls and getting them to bare their soles. It takes real guts and adds to the excitement of these pictures. I love his style of approaching girls, young and old, blond or brunette, wild or tame and stripping them all down to their bare feet!!"


"You are a super hero. Every shot is amazing."


"WOW! Thank you so much. Jesus be with you and your foot fetish."


"I've been admiring GGN for years now. He's a genuinely nice guy, at least based on what I've seen. I've been blown away by his art. I first started paying for foot content over a decade ago with a membership at FMConcepts. For me a that time it was an amazing experience. I still remember the models well. The pictures were small by today's standards, but loaded with content that reached right into my gut and didn't let go.

Time and technology march onward. I let my membership lapse and lived off web findings until I discovered youtube. I was hooked. Amature feet and toes of all shapes sizes and inclinations everywhere. Any foot guy who spends more than 10 minutes on the internet will come across (pun intended) CBF. There are a few good HD videos and piles of pictures everywhere... great big beautiful shots of feet, with incredible amounts of detail. These demo shots immediately found their way into my collection. There are a lot of free CBF pics floating around. Good Guy Neighbor is very free with his content, bless his soul. So I felt very little need to sign up. Sure, it was always in the back of my head, but between the forums and youtube I could generally find whatever I was looking for, all for free.

Eventally I found myself looking at CBF's Join page more and more often. GGN claims the world's largest collection of high rez feet. So I did it. I signed up for one month for around $30 I'll say it now - , at least for something like this!

There is literally so much content on CBF that it's hard to describe. The slim majority of models appear to me met-on-the-beach types, with a generous dollop of professional models mixed in (hello Roxanne! hello Harper!) The photography is, well, amazing. GGN's approach is simple. He lets the model's personality do the work, and simply points his super high res cameras at their feet. Fucking amazing stuff. Hundreds upon hundreds of women, all unique, all barefoot, and all in beautiful life-like fleshtones and startling amounts of detail.

He's not just a perv though. GGN's an amazing photographer, from coaxing smiles and personality from his models to using natural and directed light to make, well, art. I've never seen anything like it. Even more than that is his consistency... for years, after thousands of shoots, he hasn't lost his edge. If you like big beautiful shots of wiggling toes and feet of natural women, its a small price to pay. Look, this guy is a photographer of the highest calibre. He's not afraid to approach attractive women with a completely absurd question - "excuse me miss, may I see your feet?". Then he creates art. I read somewhere he's had gallery showings. Now I understand why.

And, if you think you've seen it all, you haven't. There's so much more than what you may have seen. A lot more. More of the women you love, and so many more to discover. So Good Guy Neighbor, a heartfelt thanks for being brave enough to ask the first girl, whoever that was, to take pics of their feet, but thanks also for having the talent and perseverance to create actual portraiture, unconventional granted, but that's what this is.

I was a pro videographer in another lifetime. I've jumped all over people with a camera myself for news stories - I know how difficult it can be to get "gold" out of them, and how gratifying it can be when it happens. But this guy, well, he's out there. He puts himself out there a lot. He's clearly well adjusted, and even more, he's developed the skills and maintained the passion to capitalize on it. And we all win as a result. :-)

It's the light, colour and composition in his shots that blows me away. Jesus that guy can shoot. He doesn't get all caught up on the rule of thirds and all that crap. His eye, and his ability to coax a real smile, a laugh, out of his subjects, blows me away. That, and well, I've never seen anyone's work that shows that kind of proficiency with a focus ring in my life. Man could have been a hell of a photojournalist but then we'd all have a great big CBF sized hole in the internet. This isn't just a guy who takes pictures of girl's feet. He, like his art, is so much more. Keep up the good work lad."


"You better believe it. California Beach Feet rules!"


"I can only say what I and others have said a million times now - you FOOKIN' ROCK. California Beach Feet is THE BEST. ROCK ON DUDE"


"CBF rocks beyond rock-a-bility, which is rare when it comes to material like this. What's even more rare is content AND quality rolled into one, and its something which California beach feet has in abundance. The irony of it all is, I've always had my reservations about signing up with CBF, and I realize now how much of a stupid course of action that was in the past."


"I totally appreciate this guy's camera and attention to quality. I wish more were like him."


"CaliBeachFeet invigorates his genre. While many other foot ventures out there are becoming increasingly repetitive and boring with the same ole crap scenes, or same ole crap venues, CBF continually reinvents himself.

GGN is constantly at the cusp of the latest photo and video technologies. He also keeps his shoots on-the-fly, fun, and fresh.

These successes are not only evident by the quality of his content, but also by the quality of his models. I can't recall ever seeing him publish nasty old hags just for the sake of increasing his archive. He enforces good quality control for his brand name. It's just one of so many small things that demonstrates how the owner takes pride in his work.

He also responds like a professional to all feedback obtained from viewers, both praise and constructive criticism.You never see him trying to insult somebody for sharing their ideas or opinions.

Webmasters like GGN are the wave of the future because they are the only ones who will ultimately stick around for the long haul. CaliforniaBeachFeet will always bring the latest and greatest material to the table. We can always count on it being fun, creative, and well worth the money."

Tyler D

"HeyGuy...Love your channel dude."


"Just wanted to say well done once again, you have another satisfied customer on your hands. Once I purchased a subscription, I was pleasantly surprised to see that in your newest videos you've added the recording of your encounters of asking the models to pose

their feet in the beginning of the video. I absolutely love this addition! It makes them seem more "real" in a way and plus it's just awesome to see your magic at work. As always great work, and I truly hope you keep the addition of showing yourself asking the girls to model,

I absolutely love it and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Great work as always!"
Ben P.

"always impressed, such great quality. you are the man"


"For years I had seen samples, but never joined. All I can say is, "Wow." You are incredible- and the videos and photos- OMG."

D.H. Jr.

"This site is legit. It has, far & away, the most beautiful looking videos on the net. They're crisp, crystal clear & flawless. This site is DEFINITELY worth your time. 9/10"


"You will not be disappointed. I've been a member of the site for almost 4 years (with only a few months break here and there). How often can you say that?"


"In my opinion Cal Beach Feet is the best site on the net. The cost to join is a joke compared to all the content you get in return. Bottom line, the benefit greatly exceeds the cost."


"I just purchased a membership after considering for years the price was too steep. Just speaking from a consumer standpoint, it is simply astonishing the amount of quality sh*t he has on the site. The variety of chicks, i.e., ethnicities, models types, beach bunnies, actress wannabes, goths, even lesbians - whatever your cultural flavor - alone far surpasses anything on the web I have ever seen. He's at the beach, on the campus, at the night club, strip club, studio, open bazaar market... I'm like WTF. I'd log off each night just shaking my head at how in the world could anybody get that kind of out-in-the-open public foot action - from very pretty girls no less. On top of all that, the quality of photography and video are top of the line professional. Not a blurry, hurried shot on the site. Look, I'm all for saving a buck in this economy but the question is whether or not it is worth much more than he is charging per month. For real."


"I'm a subscriber and I truly beleive your site is THE best on the web. The quality of your photos is beyond compare. Keep up the great work!"

Kyle C.

"This is truly amazing."


"I wish they all could be California girls! It's a damned fine site, one of the best and well recommended!"


"I been a member since 2009 and i haven't downloaded some of the girls you listed here lol"


"You have provided so much and asked for so little in return. I can never repay you, but I thank you. Psychologically speaking, you've enabled me and many a married man to roam (in HD!) without consequences in his field of dreams. Priceless."


"Your outlook and approach are amazing. Such massive respect and gratitude to you. And I LOVE seeing all the closeups and footprints your high-tech setup allows. (I'm a fiend for being able to make out the footprints.)"


"Thanks Mr. Sombrero(hat) dude."


"I've signed up around 2/3 times to CBF over the years and I almost get a heart attack with all the new content available. Absolutely top grade."


"This is the best website in the world."

silvano geronimo

"I always treat myself on my birthday by subscribing to your site for a month. It's only a month, but it's the best gift I get all year!"


"If anyone is on the fence, subbing to CBF is the best 30 bucks you will ever spend. In addition to the huge amount of amateurs, there are quite a handful of pornstars on the site also, and CBF is the only place (that I know of) that has super high-res photos of their feet."


"Congratulations on the continued success of your site. It's my favorite by far - well worth every penny spent. I've never felt cheated. Keep it up!!"


"After years of considering joining, I was especially relieved to see that there was nothing in any way embarrassing or suspicious on my Paypal statement. Just says California Photo, like for vacation postcards or something. I also appreciate the fact that you guys don't send out junk mail or share my info with 3rd parties. It's rare that companies earn my trust and I just wanted to say thanks for making Californiabeachfeet a place where regular guys don't have to feel weird about simply admiring pretty girl's feet."

James C.

"You never cease to amaze! Not only are your photos of the highest quality (ultra HD, and girls/poses), but quantity too. Thanks! [Thumbs Up]"

The foot fu**in master

"I think you have some special power....and you are doing a good service to humanity! I will be sure to look around the site for more goodness. Your site is the best at what it does!"

Silver Neon

"Your videos are the best available for non model foot girls. Such a great variety; punks, skaters, etc. awesome close ups and 3D. Keep up the great work man. I would love your job."


"You are a legend in my book and I have been a multi-subscriber in the last 9-10 years of your site. Thanks so much and again your content is miraculous. A true contribution to the foot fetish society man. Thanks!"
Dave T.

"What a life! Like spear-fishing Salmon in Alaska - where every catch is quality. Thanks again, Guy!:)"


"GGN, you have the best foot-site in the US. Period."


"California beach feet is the ultimate frontier for real live hi-def bare feet online today!"

Quinten Jr

"CBF f#@%ing delivers!"


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